• Regulated
  • Offers approximately 70 Forex pair
  • Raw Pricing
  • Offer full MetaTrader Suite along with ActTrader platform
  • Low Commissions
  • Not available in US


  • Min. Deposit:
    $200 EU clients, $50 global clients
  • Min. Trade:
    0.01 lots
  • Demo platforms:
    MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, ActTrader

Fxview Review

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Broker’s NameFxview
Year Founded2018
Website https://fxview.com/global
Demo AccountYes
Maximum Leverage1:500
Platform TypesComplete MetaTrader Suite (MT4 & MT5) and ActTrader
Minimum Deposit$50 Global and $200 EU
Customer Support24/5


Fxview is a brokerage company headquartered in Cyprus and was established in 2018 that offers multiple trading instruments. Fxview is one of the leading brokerage platforms with lowest commission levels and offers various trading tools, cutting edge technology and great client support. The platform is available in various languages like  French, German, Italian and Spanish apart from English.

Security Of Funds

Fxview is one of the most reliable and trusted regulated entities, regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissions). Fxview has been recognised as the “most Trusted Dealer” at iFXEXPO Worldwide 2022 in Limassol. Fxview has responsive customer support that is available 24/5 a week. The multilingual feature of customer support makes it convenient for traders who know only their native language. Traders can contact their  customer support via chat, telephone, social media and email.

security funds

Trading Platforms

Fxview offers a complete MetaTrader suite (MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5) and ActTrader. These are the inbuilt trading platforms that give access to various advanced trading features on the go. Other various tools that come along with the trading platforms are technical analysis, algorithmic trading and risk management tools. The trading platform has a fully customisable interface and has options for selecting trading tools, and enabling one-click trading functionality.

fxview trading platforms

Fxview allows access to these platforms on web terminals and Mac or Windows. Traders can also use the FXView Droid application if they do not have a PC or laptop.

MetaTrader Suite (MT4 And MT5)


MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and advanced trading platform that gives you access to a range of tools, from technical analysis to algorithmic trading, EAs and trading on the go.  It offers a powerful combination of analytical technologies and popular trading tools that allow traders to even use the most technical trading strategies

mt4 demo account

Features Of MT4
  1. Expert Advisors: MT4 allows traders to link automated trading directly with the internal charting that can be developed by using MQ4. It allows the trading system to run automatically in the real time event or prompt any planned event.
  2. Custom Indicators And Charts: Along with the in-built indicators, traders can build their own customised technical indicators. MT4 has a number of objects that can be drawn on the chart. Traders can trade on 9 different time frames from 1 min to a monthly interval.
  3. Price Alert: MT4 has an alert functionality that informs users about any significant price movement in the financial market.
  4.  One-click Trading: One-click trading means to execute the trade with a single click. This is an ideal feature of scalpers and day traders.
  5. Orders: MT4 allows traders to place 2 market orders (sell order and buy order), 4 pending order (buy stop, buy limit, sell stop and sell limit)


MetaTrader is an ideal trading platform for expert traders, thanks to its wide array of tools and indicators. 

Features Of MT5
  1. Variations In Time Frame: MT5 allows trading in 21 different time-frames from 1 min to monthly time interval.
  2. Technical Indicators: MT5 offers 38 built in technical indicators along with customised indicators that traders can build on their own.
  3. Graphical Objects: There are 44 graphical objects that are offered by MT5 trading platform that are used to identify the chart patterns.
  4. Expert Advisors: It allows traders to develop their automated trading software on the MT5 platform using MQL5 coding. It is more simple and straightforward than MQ4.
  5. Real-time Volume Data: MT5 allows traders to see real trading volumes like contracts and lots.


ActTrader allows traders to trade in a customisable feature-rich trader workspace to execute and manage their trades.

fxview trading platforms

Features Of ActTrader
  1. Intuitive Charting Technologies: ActTrader gives full hold to the traders that are combined with user-friendly and defined features.
  2. Advanced Risk Management Tools: Acttrader does all the risk calculations and with the help of an automated feature that converts lots into the amount of risk.
  3. Add-on Features: Market insights from reputed platforms like Reuters.
  4. Visual Strategy Builder: It allows traders to build trading strategy directly from the charts without any coding.
  5. Graphs And Charts: ActTrader offers well- detailed and feature-rich market price graphs and charts.


Fxview offers a great trading environment for both beginners and experienced traders with the availability of three trading platforms- MT4, MT5 and ActTrader. Fxview provides a wide range of instruments like forex, commodities, global indices and cryptocurrencies on all the three trading platforms. Beginners should practice trading in a demo account before going live, and should start with a low minimum deposit to avoid heavy losses.

Advanced Trading

For experienced traders, Fxview offers various trading tools and features that eases advanced trading.

Features Provided By Fxview That Aid In Advanced Trading Are

  1. Copy Trading With ZuluTrade: Fxview allows copy trading on the ZuluTrade platform. This platform allows traders to interact with seasoned traders  and copy their trades directly  into their own platform.
  2. API Trading: Fxview offer two types of APIs: Fixed API and REST API that allows the access to multi-asset liquidity and gives a technological edge. It provides real-time order placement functionality, access to multiple markets and full spectrum order type. It provides traders with market data that includes multi-asset liquidity, stream live data and full market depth.
  3. VPS Service: VPS is a virtual Private Server that ensures uninterrupted trades even when there is no internet connection. In trading every mili-second counts and having a VPS service ensures the trading in a safe environment without any hardware, internet or power back-up.
  4. Indicator Package: This package of indicators allows traders to make informed trading decisions.
Features Included In Indicator Package
  1. Mini Chart
  2. Magnifier
  3. Pivot Points
  4. Order History
  5. Free-hand Drawing
  6. Bar Changer
  7. Renko Bars
  8. Kettler Channel
  9. Donchian Channel
  10. Symbol Info
  11. Candle Countdown
  12. Chart In Chart
  13. Linear Regression Indicator
  14.  Period Converter
  15. Chart Group

Tool Box

Fxview offers a wide range of analytical tools and premium range trading.

Features Included In Tool box

  1. Alarm Manager: Allow traders to create a completely personalised and automated trading companion.
  2. Correlation Matrix: This tool is very convenient and informative that shows you the real-time correlation of various instruments in a matrix format.
  3. Correlation Traders: This tool is specially designed for traders trading correlated trading pairs.
  4. Excel RTD: It gives traders the ability to link their MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
  5. Market Manager: It is a comprehensive tool that opens up a sub-window, and show traders detailed information under the headers of Market Watchlist, Account Info, and Order & Pending Orders.
  6. Mini Terminal: It allows traders to place buy and sell orders using the large buy and sell buttons.
  7. Sentiment Trader: It displays detailed information about the currency and historic long/short sentiment. The figures are calculated from real-money accounts.
  8. Session Maps: These maps show different sessions on your local time giving you an idea of active sessions without bothering about calculating the time zone difference.
  9. Stealth Orders: These orders are placed so as to hide one’s trading position from other traders.
  10. Tick Orders: Allows traders to perform tick-by-tick analysis of an instrument’s prices.
  11. Trader Terminal: The Trade Terminal shows all activity on your account, not just orders placed using the Trade Terminal itself

Technical Analysis

With the availability of three trading platforms- MT4, MT5 and ActTrader, traders can conduct complex and advanced technical analysis according to their trading needs. It offers flexibility in the trading.

Technical Analysis In MT4

  1. 3 Execution Modes
  2. 2 Market Orders
  3. 4 Pending Orders
  4. 2 Stop-loss and a Trailing Stop-loss
  5. Interactive Charts
  6. 9 Time-frames
  7. 23 Analytical Objects
  8. 30 Technical Tools

Technical Analysis With MT5

  1. 21 Different Time-frames
  2. 38+ in-built Indicators
  3. 44 Graphical Objects
  4. 2 Market Order
  5. 4 Pending Order
  6. Stop- Limit Order
  7. Market Depth
  8. Charting Tool

Technical Analysis With ActTrader

  1. Customisable Trading Platform
  2. One-click Trading
  3. Advanced Risk Management Tools
  4. Market Insights
  5. Build Trading Strategies Directly on the Charts
  6. Detailed Price Graph and Charts


Fxview offers two line accounts- Pro ECN Account and Islamic Account, and one Demo account. These trading accounts can be traded on any of the three trading platforms offered by the broker (MT4, MT5 and ActTrader)

Pro ECN Account

The Pro ECN account offered by Fxview has an ECN set up that allows traders to access the deep liquidity pool. Due to the high liquidity provided by the liquidity provider, it tightens the spreads and reduces the chances of latency and slippage. This account is best for scalping trading strategy and day trading

Features Of Pro ECN Account
SpreadsStarting from 0.1 pips
InstrumentsForex, Commodities, Global Indices, and Cryptocurrencies
Margin call/Stop out70/50
Commission$2/ lot RT
Maximum trading lots100 lots
Minimum trading size0.01 lots
Trading StylesAll trading styles allowed
Account Base CurrencyEUR, USD, GBP and AUD
Limits on stop-loss/ Trailing stop-lossNo limit
Deposit Bonus100%
Swap feesYes, Swap fees are calculated after 11:59 GMT

Islamic Account

Islamic account is also known as swap free account as no roll over or swaps are charged when the position is kept opened overnight. The Islamic account offered by Fxview has the same trading conditions as the Pro ECN account except that the roll-over fees are not charged.  This account is designed for the traders with Islamic beliefs in accordance with Sharia law. 

Demo Account

Demo Account is especially designed for new traders to practice their trading strategy and refine their trading skills. The demo account offered by Fxview has 10000 of the chosen currency by default. Traders can add more funds or even ask to reduce the limit. This account is completely for educational purposes. 

Trading Costs

Fxview has fairly low overall trading costs with a competitive trading environment. Fxview charges $2/lot RT as their commissions and the spreads are razor thin that starts from 0.1 pips being ECN broker.

Swap fees are charged on Pro ECN accounts that are calculated after 11:59 (GMT +3) depending on the type of position (short/long). Swaps are charges when the position is kept open overnight and is calculated by the difference between the interest rates of two currency pairs whether going long or short. The interest of a  currency pair is made on the purchased currency pair and the sold currency pair. The swap charges are charged if the trader holds his trading position after 00:00 server time (GMT+3). 

If the trader holds his position on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or if the trade is kept open after 23:59 GMT on Friday, swap fees are charged by the banks for 3 days.   

Leverage And Margin

Leverage is referred to as the borrowed money from the broker so as to open a large trading position. Leverage allows traders to get enhanced market exposure with relatively lesser capital from the traders’ side. Fxview offers maximum leverage of 1:500 which means traders need 1% of total capital and the rest 99% of the capital is lent by the broker. Traders should be careful while using leverage as it has the potential to drain the whole trading account. 

Margin is the minimum capital required to keep the position open. Margin call is initiated from the broker’s side when the set margin level is hit. This call is an alert that requires traders to either add more funds or close the trading position. Fxview initiates this alert when only 70 % of margin is left. If the trader fails to add funds or close the position, the position is closed automatically when 50% of the margin is left. 

Client Support

The client support offered by Fxview is highly responsive and active. Customer support is multilingual and can be contacted via chat, telephone, social media and email. 

Clients Experience With Fxview

  1. Trading Platforms: Fxview offers three trading platforms- MT4, MT5 and AtcTrader. These platforms are good choices for all the types of traders- beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. This offers flexibility and ease in the trading.
  2. Fxview offers ECN Model: ECN model is referred to as Electronic Communication Networks that allows the buyers and sellers trade directly. There is no dealing desk or requotes which increases the execution speed and lowers the chances of latency and slippage. Because of this model the difference in the bid and ask price becomes razor thin. 
  3. White Label Service – Fxview also provides an opportunity to individuals who are looking to start forex brokerage and access Forex and CFD markets with all the essential features needed to scale the business.
  4. VPS Service: Traders can avail free VPS if they deposit $5000 in their trading account and maintain this amount. Or, the traders can pay according to their package. 
  5. API Trading: Fxview Offers Two Types of APIs: Fixed API and REST API that allows the access to multi-asset liquidity and gives a technological edge. 
  • Fees For Fixed API:


No monthly commission commitment

  • Fees For REST API

Monthly balance maintenance- USD 10,000

Minimum monthly commission- USD 1000


FXview is regulated by  CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commissions). Fxview has been recognised as the “most Trusted Dealer” at iFXEXPO Worldwide 2022 in Limassol.


Fxview is a great choice for all the types of traders with various trading strategies who are looking to start with a low minimum deposit, and want access to a wide range of useful trading tools at the same time. Being a regulated broker, they are safe and secure and can be trusted with funds. 


FXview is regulated by CySEC and is one of the most trusted brokers according to the FXview given by many traders on various review platforms. 

The maximum leverage offered by Fxview is 500X for professional clients. You can use leverage upto 1:500. 

Fxview offers 2 live accounts-ECN account and Islamic account (swap-free account for traders with Islamic beliefs), and 1 demo account.

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency

Deposits and withdrawals can be made through Visa & Mastercard, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and digital wallets. 

Fxview has highly responsive and active customer support. The customer support is multilingual and can be contacted via chat, telephone, social media and email.

Fxview is an ECN broker that offers raw spreads starting from 0 pip.

Fxview offers three trading platforms, MT4, MT5 and ActTrader.

Yes, Fxview provides a demo account with a $10,000 balance by default that can be increased or decreased from the client’s portal.

Yes, Fxview offers VPS with a monthly subscription of $25. It can also be availed free if the trader deposits $5000 in the trading account and maintains this balance.

Yes, you can start copy trading with Fxview. It offers the ZuluTrade copy trading platform for copy trading.

Traders can open their ZuluTrade account on  Fxview by depositing a minimum of $100.

Yes, Fxview offers one-click trading features on their MT4, MT5 and ActTrader trading platform.

Yes, Fxview offers Corporate accounts for trading.