• Regulated
  • Low minimum deposit ($10)
  • Ultra-thin spreads
  • Low commissions ($0.98/lot RT)
  • Do not provide service in US


  • Established:
  • Location:
  • Regulation:
  • Offices:
  • Leverage:
    up to 1:30
  • Deposit:
    from 300 USD
  • Spreads:

AAAFx Review

Table of Contents

AAAFx Review - Outline

Broker’s NameAAAFx
HeadquarteredSt. Vincent and Grenadines
Year Founded2008
Demo AccountYes
Maximum Leverage1:500
Platform TypesComplete MetaTrader Suite (MT4 & MT5) and ActTrader
Minimum Deposit$10
Customer Support24/5
RegulationsHCMC and FSCA

AAAFx Review- Synopsis

AAAFx is a regulated brokerage company that is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines. AAAFx is regulated by HCMC (Hellenic Capital Market commission, UK) and FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa). The broker offers more than 200+ trading instruments over three trading platforms and operates in 176 countries. It offers highly competitive trading prices and a trading environment.

AAAFx Review- Security Of Funds

AAAFx is one of the highly reliable and trusted brokers. AAAFx follows a segregation of funds and records model where the client’s funds and records are kept separated from the funds of the company. The broker also offers negative balance protection that prevents traders from losing more than they have in their trading account. In other words, it prevents the amount from going negative.

AAAFx Review- Trading Platforms

AAAFx offers three trading platforms- A complete MetaTrader suite (MT4 and MT5) and ActTrader. Traders can trade on these trading platforms on window desktop, web, Android and Mac/iPad. Each trading platform is advanced and follows the basic fundamentals of fast execution, various customised options, allowing the usage of indicators and expert advisors and best market prices (buy and sell). aaafx trading platforms

AAAFx Review – MetaTrader Suite (MT4 and MT5)

AAAFx Review – MT4

AAAFx offers an MT4 trading platform that is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows the users to understand the features of the platform with ease. It offers best solutions to the users based on their needs. It provides the ability to apply various analysis tools, run trading bots (EAs), and allow copy trading.

Features Of MT4

  1. Trailing stop loss feature
  2. Chart analysis tool
  3. Built-in economic calendar
  4. No Third party involvement
  5. All kinds of execution modes available
  6. One-click trading
  7. 20+ graphical objects
  8. Real time market price
  9. 1000+ free and downloadable indicators and EAs offered by MQL4
  10. 9 different time frames
  11. 3 chart types

AAAFx Review – MT5

MT5 trading platform offers an extensive list of trading instruments and advanced trading environment that is suitable for experienced traders. MT5 offers a set of technical and fundamental analytical tools to its users.

Features Of MT5

  1. New Pending order- Stop limit order
  2. Added asset class- Cryptocurrencies
  3. Daily account statement
  4. Offers drawing tools for analysis
  5. Trade alert
  6. Report downloading in HTML or excel
  7. 21 different time frames
  8. 30+ in built technical indicators
  9. 40+ graphical objects available
  10. 6 types of pending order
  11. In-built economic calendar

AAAFx Review – ActTrader

ActTrader is a well equipped trading platform that focuses on simplicity, readability and has robust technology allowing traders to vividly focus on their trading options. ActTrader offers in-depth analytical tools and allows the traders to customise their trading window. aaafx acttrader platform

Features Of ActTrader

  1. Friendly user interface
  2. Changeable chart time
  3. Various customising options
  4. Detailed account report
  5. One-click trading
  6. 11 different time frames
  7. Multiple drawing tools to use over charts
  8. Price alert
  9. Various installed and customised technical indicators
  10. Visual Strategy builder
  11. Intuitive charting technology
AAAFx Review – Comparison Between MT4, MT5 And ActTrader
Trading ConditionsMT4MT5ActTrader
LeverageUpto 1:500Upto 1:500Upto 1:500
Micro-Lot TradingYesYesYes
Hedging & ScalpingYesYesYes
EAs/ Indicator AttachmentYesYesYes
Other Tools
Built-in Economic Calendar NoYesNo
Account Report FormatExcelHTML/Excel Excel
Platform’s Language Converter NoYesNo
Price AlertYesYesYes
Device Operational Compatibility
Windows DesktopYesYesYes
Android IOSYesYesYes
Web Based YesYes

AAAFx Review- Trading

AAAFx offers well suited trading conditions and environment for all the traders and allows them to execute advanced trading strategies. AAAFx, with its robust trading platforms, makes it easy for experienced traders to perform complicated trading. The broker provides three trading platforms that have advanced technologies and client-friendly user interface. A new trader can start trading with the minimum deposit of $10. The broker offers tight spreads and fairly low commissions. 

AAAFx Review- Advanced Trading

AAAFx provides other tools and resources that allow advanced traders to trade the financial markets. Some of the features offered by AAAFx are:

  1. ZuluTrade: AAAFx allows traders to copy trade on ZuluTrade trading platform (copy trading platform). Investors can choose the traders for copying the trades based on their winning rates and reviews. 

Zulutrade platform

ZuluTrade provided by AAAFx offers variety of features and products like:

  • Zulu Social Platform : It is a copy trading feature that allows an investor to copy the trades of the other traders with the aim of making profits. 
  • ZuluGuard : It is an account protect feature used to monitor expert’s behaviour and unfollows the trading providers in case the trading strategy is altered. It is performed by calculating an exit value for open trades in the account and when the threshold value is hit, the trades get closed. 
  • Automator : Automator refers to automated trading that aims at removing human emotions from the trades. Automated trading is done with predefined rules of entry and exit of the trade performed by EA.
  • Combos : Zulutrade places in combination groups the traders based on their risk appetites and trading strategies. The investor can choose a combo to follow.

2. VPS Hosting : VPS (Virtual Private Server) allows traders to trade from anywhere around the globe without worrying about interrupting internet connection. VPS plays an important role in minimising the latency.

VPS with aaafx

Advantages Of Using VPS Hosting

  • Allows traders to execute the trade at anytime without any delay, resulting in less slippage
  • VPS offers endless operation on the trading platforms and is very effective if the trader is using EA or trading signals
  • Allows Traders to trade from around the globe even without internet connect or power backup
  • VPS offer anonymity, privacy and security that aids in trading with calm mind 

3. ECN Account : ECN refers to Electronic Communication Network that allows access to the deep liquidity pool to the traders. ECN trading model is well known for higher execution speed of the trades, low latency and less slippage. For the traders performing advanced trading strategies like scalping or day trading, ECN accounts are the best for them. The ECN account accounts for the tight spreads which can reduce overall trading costs and can prove to be profitable for scalpers and day traders.

4. High Leverage : For experienced traders looking forward to using high leverage to enhance their trades’ probability, AAAFx can be a good choice. It offers maximum leverage of 1:500. AAAFx being a regulated broker ensures the protection and security of funds. 

5. Negative Balance Protection : It is a feature that prevents traders from losing more than they actually have in their trading account and prevents the trading balance from going negative. This feature is best for trading CFDs or high leverages. Trading via CFDs and using high leverage is very risky and to mitigate the risks of the account balance going negative, Negative balance protection is very important. If such losses are incurred and balance goes into negative, AAAFx resets the trading account balance to zero. 

AAAFx Review- Technical Analysis

AAAFx provides trading on three trading platforms that are highly advanced and user friendly. These trading platforms are compatible with all kinds of traders and strategies they use. 

AAAFx Review -Technical Analytical Tools Offered By MT4

  1. All kinds of execution modes available
  2. One-click trading
  3. 20+ graphical objects
  4. Real time market price
  5. 1000+ free and downloadable indicators and EAs offered by MQL4 
  6. 9 different time frames
  7. 3 chart types

AAAFx Review -Technical Analytical Tools Offered by MT5

  1. 21 different time frames
  2. 30+ in built technical indicators
  3. 40+ graphical objects available
  4. 6 types of pending order
  5. In-built economic calendar
  6. One Click trading
  7. Price alert

AAAFx Review -Technical Analytical Tools Offered By ActTrader

  1. One-click trading
  2. 11 different time frames
  3. Multiple drawing tools to use over charts
  4. Price alert
  5. Various installed and customised technical indicators     
  6. Visual Strategy builder
  7. Intuitive charting technology

AAAFx Review- Trading Accounts

AAAFx offers three trading accounts- ECN, ECN Plus and ECN Zulu. All the trading accounts are based on the ECN model that has high execution speed, low latency and less slippage resulting in razor thin spreads.

AAAFx Review – ECN Account

The ECN account offered by AAAFx offers raw ECN spreads and lightning fast execution speed. They also offer fairly low commissions and low swap fees.  All kinds of trading strategies are allowed to be executed with the high tech trading platforms available.

aaafx account types

AAAFx Review – ECN Plus Account

This account is specially designed for the experienced traders with the minimum deposit of 10,000 or those who come in AAA category in loyalty program. Zulu plus trading account is the best combination for the trader- zero commissions  with ultra low spreads at no markup. 

AAAFx Review – ECN Zulu Account

This account is connected with ZuluTrade trading platform which is a copy trading platform by default. Traders enjoy razor thin spreads, low commissions, advanced technology, deep liquidity pool and lightning fast execution speed along with direct access to the world class trading community.

Comparison Between The Features Offered By ECN Account, ECN Plus Account And ECN Zulu Account

ECN AccountECN Plus AccountECN Zulu Account
Minimum Deposit$10 $10,000$300
Spreads (MinimumStarting from 0.1 PipsStarting from 0.1 PipsStarting from 0.1 Pips
Leverage (up to) 500x 500x 500x
Base CurrenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, and AUD USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD
Minimum 0.01 LotYesYesYes
Margin Call/ Stop Out100%/70% 100%/70% 100%/70%
Minimum Order DistanceNoNoNo
Negative Balance Protection YesYesYes
Forex (Per $100K)$0.99 $0 $10
Indices (Per $100K Lot)$0.99$0.74 $10
Commodities (Per $100K Lot) $0.99 $0.74 $10
Stocks (Per Lot) 0.093%0.075%1%
Cryptocurrencies (Per Lot)0.001*Price0.0008*Price0.002*Price

Note – AAAFx also offers islamic account. This is a swap free trading account for the traders with Islamic beliefs in accordance with Sharia law. Traders willing to open Islamic account can contact their customer support to request the opening of Islamic account. You can contact them on : contactus@aaafx.com

AAAFx Review- Trading Costs

AAAFx offers fairly low overall trading costs.

  1. Spreads : AAAFx being an pure ECN broker, it offers razor thin spreads that starts from 0.1 pips for EUR/USD and other major currency pairs. 
  2. Commissions : The commissions charged vary from one trading account to the other trading account. But the overall commissions seem to be fairly low. 
  3. Deposit and Withdrawal Fees : AAAFx offers quick and hassle free deposits and withdrawal processing. The broker does not charge any service fees. Some charges may be applied by the transaction processor. The KYC process ensures the secure transaction process. 
  4. Swap/Roll-over Fees: Swap or roll-over fees is interest charged on the trades that are held overnight. AAAFx automatically rolls forward all the open positions at 21:00 UTC. The manual trading is suspended for 1 min during the roll process. The amount paid or earned depends on the direction of open positions and the difference in the interest rate of two currencies. Eg. For the currency pair GBP/JPY. The interest rate of the UK is higher than that of Japan. For the trader who goes long with the GBP/JPY which means holding pound sterling, is paid interest over rollover. And the trader who goes short with GBP/JPY (Holds Yen) interest is debited on the rollover. 

AAAFx Review- Client Support

AAAFx offers 24/5 responsive custom support that can be contacted via live chat, email, call or social media. 

AAAFx Review- Client’s Experience With AAAFx

  1. AAAFx brokerage company provides a wide range of advanced technical tools and trading platforms that are well suited to beginners, intermediates and experienced traders. It allows them to imply advanced trading strategies with the help of efficient trading tools. 
  2. AAAFx being an ECN broker makes trading more convenient to the traders. The ECN model of the broker allows traders to dive into the deep liquidity pool and doesn’t require any middlemen/dealing desk. ECN aids them in finding the right bid or ask price that makes the spreads ultra thin. 
  3. The commissions are also fairly low along with thin spreads. This reduces the overall trading costs manifold. Beginners can start trading with $10 as their minimum deposit which is very low and does not involve much risk. 
  4. AAAFx offers high leverage for experienced traders who are looking forward to trading via CFDs. It also provides a negative balance protection feature which is one of the best risk management tools. 
  5. AAAFx also allows traders to trade who do not wish to trade on their own through Copy trading by the help of ZuluTrade (copy trading platform). It allows investors to choose traders of their choice and start copying their trades. 

AAAFx Review – Regulations

AAAFx is a brokerage company that is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines and is regulated by HCMC (Hellenic Capital Market commission, UK) and FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa).

AAAFx Review- Conclusion

AAAFx is a very reliable and reputed brokerage company that can be a good choice for beginners as well as experienced traders. Low deposits of $10 allow new traders to start low and slow and build their trading experience without risking much. However, it is important for the traders to analyse their trading needs and choose their broker wisely.

AAAFx Review- FAQs

Yes, AAAFx is regulated by two governmental entities  HCMC (UK) and FSCA (South Africa).

Yes, AAAFx allows Hedging and Scalping.

It depends on your transaction options. Some take 10 mins and others might take 24 hours depending on the internet connectivity.

The market opens on Sunday 22:00 UTC and closes on Friday 22:00 UTC. Traders can trade any time between these times.

AAAFx is an ECN broker where the chances of slippage are very rare. If the market is highly volatile small slippage can occur.

Yes, it does. Negative Balance Protection ensures that the client can not lose more than he has in his trading account which means the balance can not go into negative.

The minimum lot size for trading metals and CFDs is 1 standard lot.

You can use leverage upto 500x. 

AAAFx offers three trading accounts: ECN Account, ECN Plus Account and ECN Zulu Account.

There are three trading platforms: MT4, MT5 and ActTrader.